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Our Studio is engaged in individual tailoring, men's leather clothing. The main direction of our activity is the work in two styles - clothes for bikers and clothing in military style.

1) Our clothing for bikers is a classic mens leather jacket. By design they are similar to the jacket from Schott. We also produce jackets for women.

An example of our jackets you can see in the photo below. Now we have developed two models - the "alpha" and the "omega".

In the future we plan to create other models. All of our jackets are sewn exclusively from high quality natural cow leather made in South Korea.The thickness of the skin used is the maximum as possible = 1.4-1.6 mm. Another leather (for example pig skin) we do not use. But according to the customer we can also make any of the skin (such as from sheep leather or crocodile, snake skin). All our accessories (buttons and zippers) production in Europe (Italy and Germany) - very trustworthy.

If you are interested in other models of any leather jackets, then we can make a copy for you. To do this, you must send us an e-mail photos of the desired jacket in different perspectives. Then you need to tell us your sizes - we will give you the measurement circuit and we will explain how you can accurately measure your size. After receiving your full payment, we will start to work. A replica of the chosen model will be sewn. The order will be sent by post. Leather jacket sewn us a month or a little more. Sewing time depends on the complexity of the order.

These jackets can serve you more than ten years! Our jackets are not mass tailoring. Sewn only on request. What guarantees high quality. You can order sewing of a new jacket or buy ready-made jacket (if in stock).

Let us introduce you to our products:

1)  ALPHA - Our first model for men. Created by the type of classic American biker jackets. But we have added to this design, one useful thing - a removable inner collar made of leather.

This collar is used to protect the throat from a cold headwind. That is very convenient for bikers. The collar can be easily removed. It is attached to jacket by buttons.

Also, this model has a removable leather belt. This jacket is made of cow leather (thickness = 1.4-1.6 mm). This skin is very durable. This jacket can be made from the skin of other colors - white, gray or brown. According to your choice.

This model has two front side pockets, one top pocket, one pocket for a cigarette lighter, and two inner pockets with zippers. Lined in our jackets is similar to the American models. Also, there is a pocket on the left sleeve. Important - you can make changes to this model - add or remove some parts. This service is paid for separately.

What is the difference of our jackets from jackets made in USA? First of all, it is the material of our jackets.
We use higher quality and thicker natural cow skin. Without waxing. What is much more expensive than the American models. But at the same time our prices are lower than those of well-known brands. Secondly it is possible to make the jacket from skin of other colors. And thirdly - it is entering into the model any changes according to your taste.

- This is the second we have created a model leather jacket for men.

It is made from the same skin thickness of 1.4-1.6 mm. Difference from the first model - there is no internal removable collar, and there is no epaulettes, zippers on the pockets are not visible, no pocket for the lighter. Belt can not be removed. This model has a shorter rear view. And there is no lacing on the sides.

In other respects, this model is no different from the first model.This jacket also can be made from the skin of other colors - white, gray or brown.if you need other color of the skin, then this problem will be solved by us. To do this, just let us know in advance what color you need. Other colors are available, but much less frequently. On the purchase of the skins of other colors will take more time.

3) Historical leather clothing

Our company is also engaged in the creation of historical military leather clothing (for men only). Period - World War I and World War II. Used by reenactors for military history show. Russian or German military jackets (look photos at other pages). The exception - a long clothing, such as german riding cloak or coat.

If you will need to install on jacket any historical accessories (for example - buttons or military epaulettes), you must send them to us by post.

Attention! We make only leather military clothing. We do not sew any uniforms.

4) Jackets made of genuine crocodile leather

We can make any version of your jacket according to your photo. Any colors of jacket.
Only real and quality crocodile skin. Our prices are lower than European prices.

To know the exact price - please contact us.


Size and prices for jackets (ALPHA Material - cowhide 1.4-1.6 mm) are available in stock:

Size man's height Size (cm) Price ($)
XL 182-185 cm 50 780
XXL 187-190 cm 52 800

Prices for tailoring a new jacket (Material - cowhide 1.4-1.6 mm)

Size man's height (cm) Size (cm) Price ($)
L from 175 to 187 cm 48 760
XL from 175 to 187 cm 50 780
XXL from 182 to 190 cm 52 800
XXXL from 187 to 195 cm 54 930

Making of one
jacket takes one month.

If you want to know the price for different skin, then email us.

How to pay? - After receipt of your order conditions, we give you by email our bank details. Then you go to your local bank and make a transfer there. After receiving your full payment, we will start to work.

How to get from us jacket? - It's simple. When ordering, you give us your full name and address. To send parcels, we use two post services for your choice.

First service is russian EMS Post (emspost.ru) - for send parcels to any country in the world

Second service is DHL Post (www.dhl.com) - for send parcels to any country in the world

Both of these services are very reliable and you can trust them. Payment for delivery is made separately.

Our contacts for all questions (You can write in English): Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

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